Tuesday, September 17, 2013

If Kpop is wrong I don't want to be right

So I have a 5 day weekend coming up and my lesson for next monday is already planned (this week is Korean Thanksgiving, Chuseok). And I still have to be here for 45 more minutes. What does that mean??


I honestly think that even if you don't like Korean or Kpop, watching these videos is so entertaining! It's very interesting to see what artists here use in their music videos vs in the US. While many have a similar theme (often love- you'll hear Sarang or Saranghae a lot, love and I love you respectively) but I have found kpop videos to be much less sexual than the US. Although they are still quiet crazy in their own way.

Here are a couple more, if that last post didn't make you search out more on your own.

Or you can just skip this post and lose the enrichment that kpop brings to the world. Anyway.

FTIsland- Hello Hello.

I just love this song. The video is a lot tamer than something G dragon would do haha

Big Bang- Haru Haru

Not only do I like Big Bang, but this video also features Park Min Young, who plays the lead female in my favorite drama, City Hunter (Anyone who wants an awesome show to watch, Korean or not, should check this drama out. IT'S SO GOOD). I like this video because it actually has a plot happening in it, though I do enjoy Big Bang and it's crazy vids.

If you remember our friend G Dragon, he's the sad guy who the girl broke up with, so now he's all sad. The new guy she's with and the one G Dragon keeps confronting is T.O.P, another popular member of Big Bang.

BEAST- Fiction.

How do you cause a huge debate in class? Ask who is better, Big Bang or Beast. Kpop groups have extremely loyal and sometimes borderline crazy fans, and this is an incendiary question. I like them both, so I don't mind putting them on lists of my favorites together

Oh don't worry. I'll have more for you all the next time I am bored at school. What would you do without me??

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